You try with your own means and nothing happens. You think you left the situation to God but you still try to manage things on your own. You say « it is YOUR decision » but you haven’t really asked for what He wanted.

Now there’s no option, no way out, no more possibilities. And you have no other choice but giving it up to God. You end up with nothing ? All your plans fails ? All the doors that you opened are now closing ?

Don’t be mad at God. Don’t think « why are you taking everything away from me ? Why do leave me with no hope, no option ? »

God pushes you to the limit

He takes you when you are not in control, where things are too big for you, where you can’t make your way in through your own means. When you reach the limit, that point where you can’t do anything, this is where God comes with something great and not just good.

He will open the door He has prepared especially for you, and not just any door that you’re tried to open yourself.

The limit is the way to the miracle

God makes you go through the hard time that leads to the limit. You think He’s not doing anything because all the doors are being closed. Well, He is doing something. He is closing the doors !

Always remember that there is nothing and no one but God that can close the doors in your life. God closes the doors. Why ? To lead you to the limit where you can’t do anything. Then He will show you His amazing power, open the door, release the miracle and receive the praises that you better give Him !

Don’t be afraid when doors are closing. God just has something better. He is like a father showing the way and telling you : « No, this is not good enough for you, you deserve better. Let me take care of it, I’ve got greater plans. »

So let go now of what is keeping you away from the miracle, the door. Don’t be afraid of the limit, this is where God is waiting for you to trust Him. So have faith !